The content of this mirror can be found here.

This server is rsync'ed from pkgmaster.devuan.org every half hour.

To use this mirror you can use lines like these in your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb http://mishka.snork.ca/devuan/merged chimaera          main
deb http://mishka.snork.ca/devuan/merged chimaera-updates  main
deb http://mishka.snork.ca/devuan/merged chimaera-security main

If using a release other than beowulf make the appropriate changes above. The release of chimaera (Debian bullseye equivalent) is expected very soon so maybe you'd want to use that instead eh.

You may also use https if desired (requires that apt-transport-https be installed).

If you are adventurous you could also poison DNS on your local LAN to point deb.devuan.org to mishka.snork.ca with a CNAME record, or with an A record.

You can find out more about Devuan here and its packages here.

Feel free to contact me at admin at snork.ca with questions.